Published: 7 months ago

Supporting a vegan restaurant like Rise Above not only means that you are helping animals and the environment through your food choices, it also provides jobs where vegans can put their ethics into action. Here's our Prep Supervisor Pat in his own words: "I eat vegan for the planet! Transitioning to a plant-based diet (or as close to it as works for you) is the most significant positive impact a person can make for climate change and a sustainable future. This is because animal agriculture is actually one of the largest sources of global greenhouse gas emissions and uses up many times more water, land, and resources to produce food than plant-based production. But going vegan should definitely not be seen as a sacrifice! Vegan food, when it's done right (as we at Rise Above take a lot of pride in doing) is the best and tastiest food you can get. Come in and treat yourself to Rise Above and you'll discover that a plant-based diet is no selfless act!" #ethicaleats #veganfortheplanet #prepsuperstar
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