Taylor Telford ~ Blue Compositions

Taylor Telford is an emerging artist from the Niagara region, a first year visual art student and graduate of Sociology at Brock University. Further education includes graduating from the Drawing & Painting program at Haliburton School of Art Design in Northern Ontario. Other interests include community activism with a concentration in the present controversial development on Thundering Waters Forest in Niagara Falls. 

The series Blue Compositions, is an examination of Western rationales that normalize the commodification of people and social spaces. The artist’s process is best understood as an exploration in semiotics with special attention to colour and shape as signifiers. The exhibition involves an intentional reference to the environment as the basis by which culture is allowed to play out on. For this reason, many works re-use found materials and are interested in how some objects develop through a compositional series. The show as a whole juxtaposes useful human made objects such as sponges, floor tiles and National Geographic against organisms such as pollen, honeycomb and insects.

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