I Alex, am a recent Brock visual art graduate and local of St.catharines, Ontario. The work presented is in two parts, one part painting and one part installation.

The installation portion consist of the three Untitled sheer screens. On the screens, the viewer is presented with transparent and simple images of line. Such images are meant to capture the delicate nature of the fine lines of wrinkles of fabric as it lies still on a surface. I feel very drawn to making work that deals with the poetics of the ephemeral and the transitory. My work is perhaps very nostalgic as it expresses a sort of preciousness, appreciation and acceptance of things that are ephemeral. It is not only a visual study of the wrinkles of fabric, but also is a slightly dejected ghostly homage to things that have once existed and that no longer exist as the fabric can never lay the exact same way twice.

The second part of the work is the paintings. Though not cohesive through subject matter, there is a consistency in palette that works its way through each painting. I have been experimenting with the negation of space and  challenging what the viewer can and cannot see. I have interest in depicting strange viewpoints and subject matter in order to bring about a sort of surreal quality to each painting.

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