Exciting and important news for our customers! Shane Belanger and Leah Belanger (2 of our Bakers) will be leaving Rise Above to start up a specialty vegan doughnut shop in downtown St Catharines called Beechwood Doughnuts. We didn't want to be the only vegan place in town forever, as that would mean we are not achieving our goal of growing veganism in St Catharines! We've loved working with Shane and Leah over the years and we are excited to work alongside their new business to grow the vegan food movement in St Catharines.

Rise Above is busier than ever and can barely keep up with the high demand for vegan food in this city. This is especially true for vegan doughnuts, which we are only able to produce in small amounts on certain days of the week due to space and equipment limitations. Beechwood Doughnuts will be focused on doughnut production, so doughnut lovers will be able to enjoy unlimited vegan doughnuts 6 days a week!

Rise Above's bakery will continue to exist and aside from doughnuts, we will continue to make all the other treats you've grown to love. Pretty soon you'll be seeing some new pastries and other delights from our new bakers, so stay in touch!

Posted about 3 years ago in Recent Updates